Copenhagen September 2024

Dimensional Intimacy Immersion Copenhagen

Dimensional Intimacy Immersion is a deep dive into your intimate relationship. It is a series of 6 Sunday, 3 1⁄2 hour workshops. Exploring and expanding the depth and dimensions of your intimacy, polarity, needs, longings, secrets and desires.

Start 29/9 and every second sunday

The Prostatic  Portal

Is offered live and as an online training from may 2024.

Coming soon

We are excited to announce that The Prostatic Portal Basic Training will be available as an online program in 2024.

Why ?

We have had many request for offering our knowledge online to overseas people & also for those who prefere to do this intimate and vurnerable work in the privacy of their home

When ?

We are producing the video material at the moment. We are expecting to ready to launch the program February 2024

Wan to know more 

We will announce the launch with a discount code for our newsletter subscribers first. So sign up for the newsletter to be notified

Meet us at a tantra festival 

July 2-7th